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Return to Suchomasty

I went back to Suchomasty this morning, unfortunately the fog wasn't as dense as it was yesterday, so it means that I will need to make a couple more trips until I catch it. The light wasn't too bad though, so I managed to capture a few images.

It was nice and peaceful out there, the sun was shining, the mist was skating across the surface of the water and in situations like this, I always feel so calm, it reminds me that there are other things in life, than things to stress about. 

Back from the dead...

It's been a while, quite a long while actually and the problem with these things is that once you stop it's really hard to get back on the horse again. Why can't it be like something addictive like sugar? It takes supposedly 9 days to kick sugar but then you slip and you're right back off the wagon before you know it. There, I've combined horse and wagon into an opener, not bad for a photography site :)