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Back from the dead...

It's been a while, quite a long while actually and the problem with these things is that once you stop it's really hard to get back on the horse again. Why can't it be like something addictive like sugar? It takes supposedly 9 days to kick sugar but then you slip and you're right back off the wagon before you know it. There, I've combined horse and wagon into an opener, not bad for a photography site :)

So what's happened during my downtime when I was recovering (and still am) from some mysterious virus that ails me? 

Well it seems that things across the pond might be going to pot but then things back in Europe and the UK aren't much better either. And you thought I'd link to something about Brexit or Corbyn right? Well isn't the England team much more important? Will we ever win a World Cup?

Otherwise Sony released a firmware upgrade for the A7II it adds supports for Sony's wireless flash thingy, not sure if it does anything else yet. I updated but haven't seen anything new but then I haven't really played with it. See the aforementioned dying duck bit.

Besides all that, Apple released updates for iOS, which is now at version 10 and for OS X, which is now at Mac OS and version Sierra. Er. That doesn't sound right but lets move along.

So what do these new updates bring? Well for iOS 10, it brings new, whizzy-bangy notifications and lots of frustration trying to get into your phone now, as they removed slide to unlock and you have to click your home button a trillion times (I mean twice), to get it to do something that was easy, intuitive and didn't require you to stare at the phone and curse in tongues before. Onwards and upwards!

What about Sierra? Well you can talk to your computer now, not sure if it's as interesting as talking to the block down the pub, I suspect like at the pub it's an equation that is determined by quantity of alcohol consumed. It also only understands American and Posh British accents, so good luck if you're a Peaky Blinder.

Besides that? Well I'm sure there are some more well informed people out there who you should rather read but just lately operating system updates, no matter who they are from, have the following formula lately.

Look at all the great, wonderful stuff I can do now. Wow brilliant! Where do I buy? Er hold on, it won't do all this stuff on your hardware, just the latest hardware. Oh ok, so the free operating system upgrade ends up costing me a couple of grand for a new notebook but I'm good now right? Couple of years at least... Yes now all of those whizzy-bangy things will work now, well most of them... What do you mean most of them? Well this, this and this only work if you're in the US and using American English (does this exist? Don't we all just speak English with accents?), so it won't work just yet but real soon now...

Well bit more of a rant than I intended there. It ran away with me apparently. Probably better to sign off here and I'll try to do something photography related tomorrow. 

Till next time...