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Capture One Curious

So for a while now, I have been hearing from peers, friends and professional photographers whose opinions I trust, that Capture One is the way to go for RAW image conversion, especially if you use a Sony camera (or from what I've heard pretty much any camera).

I dabbled a while ago by importing a couple of RAW files into C1 and LR and comparing them. Immediately after import the difference was visible in C1, with the files having more colour and contrast than they did in LR. One of the things that I always do in LR is to go and change the profile to use the one that I have for my camera but even after this, it didn't compare to the file from C1.

That was pretty much where it finished though, I worked out how to tweak an image but overall found the interface too un-intuitive compared to LR, so I went back but it was always in the back of my mind that the quality from C1 was better.

So now I've decided to take the plunge and I'm going to give C1 a try again and this time I'm going to try to overcome the obstacles as I arrive at them, rather than running back to LR. I'll be posting stuff here for those of you who are also curious, so lets see where this takes us.

First step is getting images into Capture One...


For anyone with a Sony Camera, you can get Capture One Express for Sony for free. 


The upgrade to the Pro version for Sony (which includes tethered shooting, local adjustments, layer repair and so on, is also available for a reasonable price.