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Return to Suchomasty

I went back to Suchomasty this morning, unfortunately the fog wasn't as dense as it was yesterday, so it means that I will need to make a couple more trips until I catch it. The light wasn't too bad though, so I managed to capture a few images.

It was nice and peaceful out there, the sun was shining, the mist was skating across the surface of the water and in situations like this, I always feel so calm, it reminds me that there are other things in life, than things to stress about. 

This image was taken using a tripod so that I could get a 2 second exposure and blur the water a bit, I chose f5.6 to get a balance between sharpness with some fall off to blur, I know that technically I should be shooting landscapes at f8, f11 or so on but I liked the effect at f5.6 so I went with it. ISO was at 100 to keep noise down to a minimum and because the sun was quite strong.

It was shot with a Sony A7II and the FE28-70 lens at 70mm.